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Close Personal Protection otherwise called bodyguard services has changed significantly in the last few years. It is not only celebrities, heads of state and government authorities the main people needing close personal security. With the expanded danger of global psychological warfare and the attending risk of destabilisation focusing on western economies, there is a regularly broaden requirement for adequate and natural security of senior individuals from associations, both in Australia and internationally. Celebrity Bodyguards perceives that this danger is good requiring pressing proactive arranging and arrangement. That is the reason we offer dependable security administrations for associations and people crosswise over Sydney and worldwide. We enable our celebrity clients to pick and contract fitting protectors with a specific end goal to guarantee safety.



Jackson is the owner and managing director of Celebrity Bodyguards, C.B, was established in 2007. Jackson has been protecting the most famous artists all around the world for 15 years.  Jackson uses his experience, knowledge and personal relationships to get our celebrity clients their the desired outcome.

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